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Driving institutional adoption of
 digital assets

Driving institutional adoption of digital assets

Stablehouse is a digital asset custody infrastructure provider with a strong commitment to risk management and long term sustainability.

Our commitments

Traditional finance roots

Stablehouse brings the rigor, stability and expertise of traditional finance to digital assets. This is the foundation through which we have developed our corporate governance and control practices.

Deep digital assets experience

The Stablehouse team provides a wealth of experience in digital assets, with deep technical understanding of blockchain and market infrastructure.

Ingrained risk management

Our organization's foundation is built on rigorous risk management, as evidenced by our early regulatory approval by the Bermuda Monetary Authority. We have a fiduciary duty to our clients and prioritize our clients' interests above all else.

Our regulator: the Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA)

Bermuda is a global leader in digital-asset regulation with a robust legal and regulatory framework set out under the "DABA Act" 2018.

  • The Digital Asset Business Act (DABA) is a comprehensive regulatory framework, purpose-built to address the unique characteristics and risks associated with digital assets.

  • Unlike other regulatory frameworks that have been adapted from traditional finance, DABA was developed specifically for the digital asset industry.

  • DABA draws upon the risk management culture of Bermuda's well-established insurance and reinsurance industry, providing a mature and robust framework for digital asset businesses operating within the jurisdiction.

Our investors

We are backed by some of the most respected names in the digital assets industry. Through our established networks in traditional finance and digital assets, we can provide our investors with innovative and comprehensive solutions.

Our team

Phil - CEO

Philippe Bekhazi


Michael - President & GM

Michael Chauliac

President & GM

Aja - CRCO

Aja Heise


Mark - CFO

Mark Brazier


Augusto - CTO

Augusto Proiete


Morgan - Controller

Morgan Norful


Dipen - Head of Engineering

Dipen Kamdar

Head of Product

Antoine - Product Lead

Antoine Corbel

Product Lead

David - Head of Design

David Dos Santos

Head of Design

Brad - Customer Success Lead

Brad Coetzer

Customer Success Lead


We partner with most talented professionals in both digital assets and traditional finance to advance digital assets as a trusted asset class. Email us at jobs@stablehouse.com for open positions.