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Digital Asset Custody

Institutional-Grade Digital Asset Custody

Custody infrastructure designed to enable institutional investors to invest in digital assets with confidence.

Our solutions

Segregated vault custody

Safeguard your assets with all-around security and compliance.

  • Dedicated, segregated vault, always auditable directly on the blockchain
  • Bankruptcy-remote custody, insured, and fully verifiable on the blockchain
  • MPC custodial architecture and security
  • Licensed custodian regulated by the Bermuda Monetary Authority

Institutional trading

Benefit from trading in partnership with XBTO, a leading digital assets market maker since 2015. Access institutional liquidity, best execution and service.

  • Deep liquidity sourced from extensive network of top-tier liquidity providers
  • Post-trade settlement for capital-efficient trading
  • Lower counterparty risk with fixed daily settlement
  • Direct access to the OTC Trading Desk and relationship managers

White-label solutions

Provide your clients with a regulated, bankruptcy-remote custody and trading solution.

  • Accelerated time to market and capital efficiency on your digital asset rollout
  • Fully-managed, tailor-built, Software-as-a-Service platform with administrative control
  • End-to-end high touch, scalable support capabilities including KYC and onboarding
  • Ongoing support and maintenance

Stablehouse’s expertise and sound approach allow them to innovate through best-in-class products, and give confidence to their customers and partners.

Charlie Karaboga, CEO RelayPay

Institutional access to digital assets.